#10851 Fedora Media Writer 5.0.2 released
Closed: Fixed 18 days ago by kevin. Opened 2 months ago by jgrulich.

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    A new Fedora Media Writer has been released. I would like to ask for official Windows and MacOS builds.

This is just a minor update with translations changes.

CC: @humaton @kevin

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2 months ago

Available to test/check:

It works, but did you build it from the tarball? It doesn't say version 5.0.2 in the app.

Nope, I checked out the latest git.

I can rebuild from the tar...

Can we get both uploaded to getfedora.org and close this issue?

Ah, I was waiting to hear that both builds looked ok/passed some simple testing.

I can get them pushed out later today...

They should sync out over the next hour...

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18 days ago

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