#10843 Stalled EPEL package: golang-gopkg-logex-1
Closed: Fixed 6 months ago by humaton. Opened 6 months ago by dfateyev.

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    golang-gopkg-logex-1 is a stalled EPEL package.

Per the EPEL stalled package policy - https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/epel/epel-policy/#stalled_epel_requests - I have contacted the maintainer, twice, in ticket and by email, and waited the appropriate amount of time. There are no chances that we get an assignee response in a timely manner: I have a bunch of similar requests on other golang packages in RHBZ, and they are/were stalled for months.

I am requesting FAS dfateyev commit permissions so that I might branch and build this package in epel9.

@dfateyev, I apologize that nobody has responded to your branch requests. The maintainer of that package has been pretty busy over the last few months. Note that branching/building go package is a bit of a slow process as the dependency trees in the go ecosystem are pretty large.

I would recommend asking to join the go-sig which already has privileges on most of the go packages and then requesting the branches that way. You can also join us in #golang:fedoraproject.org / #fedora-golang on libera.chat. We were actually just working in the Matrix channel earlier today on diagnosing the issue with RHEL 9's go-rpm-macros that you brought up!

That being said, your current approach also works, I just don't think it's as efficient.

@gotmax23 no problems, I understand. In general, my intention still to package as much dependencies as we can — to minimize required changes between Fedora and EPEL branches.
I am already a member of go-sig — just went a more traditional way with requesting separate permissions.

So the stalled package request is invalid, I will not change the default Bugzilla assignee for this component in epel. But I have given @dfateyev commit access to epel* branches.

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6 months ago

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