#10838 Ensure greenwave bodhiupdate_bodhipush_openqa_upgrade policy is updated when a release goes EOL
Opened 2 months ago by adamwill. Modified 2 months ago

The greenwave policy "bodhiupdate_bodhipush_openqa_upgrade" in ansible roles/openshift-apps/greenwave/templates/fedora.yaml is supposed to apply only to Branched (if it exists) and to stable releases except the oldest current stable.

So when release N goes EOL, release N+1 becomes 'oldest current stable', and must be taken out of this policy.

We need to ensure this is done when a release is being EOLed, either by manually updating the greenwave policy file or by updating it to use ansible templating somehow so the change happens automatically.

If we want to convert the whole file to using templating for the versions, here are the rules for versions for each policy AFAIR:

  • kojibuild_bodhipush_no_requirements and bodhiupdate_bodhipush_no_requirements - everything (fedora-*, no change needed)
  • kojibuild_bodhipush_remoterule - all mainline Fedora releases (Rawhide, Branched if it exists, all current stables)
  • bodhiupdate_bodhipush_openqa - all Fedora releases except Rawhide (Branched if it exists, all current stables)
  • bodhiupdate_bodhipush_openqa_upgrade - Branched if it exists, all current stables except the oldest one
  • compose_sync_requiredtests - Rawhide only (fedora-rawhide, no change needed)

Also, of course, the greenwave playbook must be run.

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