#10837 Unretire pam_krb5
Closed: Fixed a month ago by humaton. Opened 2 months ago by jcpunk.

Name of the package?


FAS username of the new maintainer?


Branches that you need it to be unretired for?

rawhide, fc36, epel9

Package re-review BZ URL?


Any extra information?

The original pam_krb5 looks like this was deprecated for SSSD. I found this bung in the past


and https://sssd.io/docs/krb/krb-migration.html

This says it is a different one from that but I would wonder if it conflicts with sssd. However this new pam_krb5 was reviewed so my original message isn't useful. [Edited]

I'm planning on using this pam module in concert with sssd to provide complex authentication to shared accounts.

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2 months ago

The package is now unretired. For missing branches please use $fedpkg request-branch

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a month ago

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