#10404 two bodhi updates stuck and blocking composes due to mis-tagged koji builds
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Looks like this bodhi server crash

occurred at an inopportune point during the "editing" process of those two updates, and some of the builds I added to those updates are now mis-tagged in koji, which makes the update unable to be pushed to testing or stable, and it also breaks the f35- and f34-updates-testing composes.

I don't want to mess with those updates any further (as I don't want to trigger more bodhi server crashes and make the problem worse), so please help me make sure that the koji builds in those updates are tagged correctly.

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It would be great to have this fixed within a week or so, otherwise I'll have to keep extending some buildroot overrides, which are in place to fix FTBFS issues (not caused by me) in stable branches.

  • When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)

Never. Or at least, if it becomes obvious that it cannot be fixed, I will need to unpush these two updates and create two new updates from scratch (hoping that this will fix the broken state of some builds ...)

  • If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

I will have to re-do those two updates for ~50 packages from scratch, and they have already been in the pipe for weeks, so that delay would be really annoying. :(

Sorry for forgetting to paste links to the actual updates with the problem ... :sweat:


According to the state for today's f35-updates-testing and f34-updates-testing composes, they were the cause for the composes failing, as some koji builds seem to have the wrong tags.

I've tried to fix tags and am resuming. Lets see what happens. :)

Doesn't seem to have helped, the two updates were jettisoned again :/

Yeah, sorry, took a bit of monkeying... they are in testing now.

Thank you! Looks like they're on track now. I won't mess with them again until they're stable, I promise :)

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