#10387 F37: System wide change: Retire the ARMv7 architecture
Closed: Fixed 3 months ago by kevin. Opened 11 months ago by pbrobinson.

Please review the following system wide change:

Will affect rel-eng and infra eng. Initially it will be primarily disabling the architecture in F-37+ in koji and I will submit a PR to adjust pungi and associated configs. Eventually post F-36 EOL there will retirement of various infrastructure.

This requires changes to rel-eng and infra and thanks for your help in creating PR's.

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11 months ago

Can we please disable the armv7hl Koji target ASAP? It would save a lot of machine resources and packagers' time.

ATM it wouldn't actually affect packager resources as it's still there for F-36. We are working through a process and it will be done soon. It has been disabled in the compose already. Once we have a completed F37/rawhide compose the next steps will be taken.

ATM it wouldn't actually affect packager resources as it's still there for F-36.

It would affect packager resources for Fedora 37. A lot of stuff happens in Rawhide only.

MBS has to be updated, because I'm not able to build module swig:4.0. newRepo failed [1] with error:

C_CREATEREPOLIB: Critical: cr_get_remote_metadata: curl_easy_perform failed: HTTP response code said error: The requested URL returned error: 404
Warning: Downloading of repodata failed: https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/repos/f37-build/latest/armhfp/

[1] https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=82848283

This isn't the place to report bugs. A ticket needs to be filed with MBS and MBS shouldn't be explicitly defining the architectures.

I think this is all done now.

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3 months ago

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