#10369 Q: Why do we install epel-release and fedpkg-minimal into every buildroot in Koji?
Opened 8 months ago by praiskup. Modified 8 months ago

E.g. see a random root.log:

DEBUG util.py:446:   epel-release                  noarch   8-13.el8                          build   23 k
DEBUG util.py:446:   fedpkg-minimal                noarch   1.2.0-4.el8                       build   19 k

I don't understand why we need those:
epel-release only brings repo files + gpg key, but that shouldn't be used in Koji.
fedpkg-minimal package is needed for SRPM builds, not for RPM builds.

I believe fedpkg-minimal is needed for RPM builds because it is used to clone the dist-git repo and download the sources from the lookaside cache.

Didn't historically epel-release bring macro files which would be needed for build definitions? If that has been moved to other files, then epel-release would not be needed. The fedpkg-minimal I believe was required for the dist-git repo as @carlgeorge said.

Well, even fedpkg-minimal ... we need that for the "buildSRPMFromSCM" tasks (SRPM), not for the "buildArch" (RPM). Do those share the same minimal buildroot?

Hmm, per https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//work/tasks/5463/78225463/root.log the RPM build does groupinstall build, while SRPM build does groupinstall srpm-build. So in my opinion, we could drop those from the build group, right?

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8 months ago

After the prod->stg sync, we will test removing epel-release from both groups and fedpkg-minimal from the build group in staging

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