#10318 Retire FTI packages from Fedora 35 one week before the final freeze
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I will do this, no need to take any action.

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The policy https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fesco/Fails_to_build_from_source_Fails_to_install/ says:

A week before the scheduled beta freeze, any packages which have open FTI bugs in the NEW state for at least 8 weeks with at least 2 reminder comments will be retired from the relevant release and rawhide (in addition to being orphaned). The previous point repeats for the final freeze.

Currently, that is:

drupal8 46 weeks 💀
python-cocotb 13 weeks 💀
gauche-gtk 11 weeks 💀
erlang-riak_kv 9 weeks 💀
ocaml-oasis 8 weeks 💀
aalto-xml 8 weeks 💀


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Packages that fail to install for a long time will be present in Fedora 35 GA.

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