#10263 A module stream request should add the stream value as a version to Bugzilla
Opened 2 years ago by ppisar. Modified 2 years ago

Bugzilla does not enumerate modular streams. E.g. "perl" module has "5.32" stream (and many other end-of-lifed ones). But in Bugzilla the "perl" component of "Fedora Modules" products has no Version available. Look at Version field of https://bugzilla.redhat.com/enter_bug.cgi?product=Fedora%20Modules&component=perl form.

I propose enhancing a stream addition process in a way which adds the new stream value into a list of Version values.

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2 years ago

We need to look at updating the bz component script, to add the streams when a new branch/repo is processed.

We should also make sure that when a module reaches EOL that the corresponding bugs are closed and the version is disabled in BZ. Ideally that's automatic (although a warning might be hard to do that way). Alternatively, the process can be "ask the FPgM to do an EOL closure for the ending module version"

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