#10116 Fedora Media Writer 4.2.2 released
Opened 3 months ago by jgrulich. Modified 19 days ago

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A new Fedora Media Writer has been released. I would like to ask for official Windows and MacOS builds.

When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)
The sooner the better.

CC: @humaton @kevin

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3 months ago

@humaton can we please move this forward?

Seems to work. Thank you.

@kevin can you please send your MacOS build for notarization and update both on getfedora.org?

we never have had them notorized. My understanding is that requires submission to the app store, and GPLed software is forbidden. Is that not the case?

but yes, i can get them updated.

I've updated the master repo, they should sync out over the next hour.

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2 months ago

I thought we notarize them, because I think it is required from certain MacOS version in order not to scare users they downloaded non-verified app. Notarization doesn't require your app to be in app store.

From Apple web page:
The Apple notary service is an automated system that scans your software for malicious content, checks for code-signing issues, and returns the results to you quickly.

Can we do that?

Yeah, I can look at that this next week...

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2 months ago

@kevin any update on the notarization process?

Yeah, it's been a saga sadly. :(
So, the account we were using we have the password to, but none of the security questions (which are needed to make app specific passwords, which notorizing needs).
I consulted with the folks that made the account, got a bunch of guesses and tried them with no luck (it doesn't help that apple says to stop trying after like 2 failures, but then doesnt tell you when you can try again).

So, I decided to setup a new account, but then thanks to some info from my management that Red Hat has a site developer program. So, I signed up to that.
I now need to re-setup certs and signing and then the notorizing. I am going to try and do that today, but not sure I will have time.

I am out on PTO all next week, but if I don't finish today I will continue when I get back.

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