#10083 please update fedora-repos in non-Rawhide releases
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago by mohanboddu. Opened 3 years ago by kparal.

Describe the issue

I'd like to request fedora-repos package to be updated in all non-Rawhide Fedora releases (32, 33, 34). The reason is that I'd like to update user documentation for a) upgrading to Rawhide b) switching between Branched and Rawhide. Now that this change is included, the instructions can be simpler e.g. by using --releasever=rawhide instead of --releasever=<figure_out_the_right_number>. However, in order for it to work, the fedora-gpg-keys package (a subpackage of fedora-repos) needs to contain a valid RPM-GPG-KEY-fedora-rawhide-primary symlink. That is present in Rawhide, but not in other Fedora releases, because the fedora-repos package hasn't been updated there yet (since that commit).

Please build and submit new fedora-repos into F32, F33 and F34.

When do you need this? (YYYY/MM/DD)

It would be great if you could do it while we still have a Branched release, so that I can properly test all the interactions. Which means before 2021-04-20, which is the current target for F34 GA.

When is this no longer needed or useful? (YYYY/MM/DD)

It's always useful.

If we cannot complete your request, what is the impact?

Either I keep the documentation untouched, or I update the documentation but it doesn't work for people.

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3 years ago

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