#10058 Unretirement Package Request: dmtcp - Checkpoint/Restart functionality for Linux processes
Closed: Fixed a year ago by humaton. Opened a year ago by pgrosu.

1) Name of the package?

The name of the package is called dmtcp.

2) FAS username of the new maintainer?

Please include both pgrosu and gc00 as maintainers.

3) Branches that you need it to be unretired for?

dmtcp should be unretired for Rawhide and for Fedora 34.

4) Any extra information?

When a testing machine is heavily loaded, checking dmtcp (building from the source package) may fail because of a timeout in the DTMCP test suite. If this becomes a common problem, we can modify dmtcp to remove the test suite or eliminate some of the tests.

One additional comment, we have also successfully completed the review based on the following link on Bugzilla:


I am unable to make you the admin of the package Giving rpms/dmtcp to pgrosu {'error': 'No such user found', 'error_code': 'ENOUSER'}

Can you login to https://src.fedoraproject.org/ ?

As it goes for user gc00 the user has Approved Groups: None so that is a no go.

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a year ago

Hi Tomáš (@humaton),

I just logged in src.fedoraproject.org based on the attached screenshot (src_fedora_pgrosu.png) -- only id.fedoraproject.org didn't seem to work, but it seemed to work after the third try in src.fedoraproject.org as shown in the attached screenshot.

Which group should gc00 be added to and how do I add groups to the gc00.

Please let us know what we need to do next.

Thank you,

The package is now unretired and you are the admin of it. For missing branches please us $ fedpkg request-branch

As it goes for the user gc00. You cant just add groups to random users. If the user wants to contribute to fedora she/he must follow rules described here

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a year ago

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