#10024 Module builds fail because of duplicate build tasks
Opened 4 months ago by alebastr. Modified 2 months ago

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See https://release-engineering.github.io/mbs-ui/module/11417, https://release-engineering.github.io/mbs-ui/module/11416 or slightly older https://release-engineering.github.io/mbs-ui/module/11390
In all cases above, MBS created two build tasks for module-build-macros, received koji task id for the last one and then failed with GenericError: Build already in progress (task 62127721).

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Module builds will continue failing with generic error.

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4 months ago

@mohanboddu this is the same issue I described just now in #fedora-releng

I have been seeing this quite a lot.

@breilly upgraded mbs today to the latest version. This may be related or around the time when this happened?

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