PACKAGES    A file with package names to process (separated by new line)

  --dirname PATH       Directory path to clone packages and do the tests
  --no-mock-build      Do not do any builds/tests in mock
  --no-koji-build      Do not do any builds/tests in Koji
  --pagure             Create pagure fork for project, push to fork and create
                       a PR
  --pagure-token TEXT  Pagure token to create a fork
  --pagure-user TEXT   Pagure user to create fork for
  --fas-user TEXT      FAS username (needed for PR)
  --fas-password TEXT  FAS password (needed for PR)
  -v, --verbose        Verbose
  --help               Show this message and exit.


./ packages.txt -v --no-mock-build --pagure --pagure-token <token> --pagure-user <user> --fas-user <user>