#26 Ignore Pipfile since we manage requirements with other methods.
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@@ -16,6 +16,7 @@ 




+ Pipfile


  # Test artifacts.


Co-authored-by: Hobbestigrou hobbestigrou@erakis.eu

Please be careful to merge these pull requests in order:

  1. 23

  2. 24

  3. 25

  4. 26

Thank you

This could make more sense if you move this commit to whichever merge request introduces the Pipfile (that is, whichever merge request makes changes that would generate a Pipfile).

Which changes? No merge requests introduce Pipfile...
This merge request is only to be more user friendly for your contributors.

Which changes? No merge requests introduce Pipfile...

Then I will need the merge request description to explain what the title means (what generates this file being ignored? What does "we manage requirements with other means" refer to? and other information, that should all go in the merge request description).

Metadata Update from @bignose:
- Pull-request tagged with: moreinfo

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