#46 Rewrite CLI Interface to deal with async callbacks
Opened 15 years ago by jsteffan. Modified 7 years ago

Currently the cli interface properly displays the status of the current download. This needs to be rewritten to support multiple files being downloaded at once, including bitrate calculations. I was thinking something like the following:

23/1444 filename.rpm (download stats for given file)
*** Current Bitrate: N | Number Downloading: N | Mirrors Connected: N | Remaining: N

Where line one is a print with a return to send the stats print up the output buffer and the stats are stdout.flush() magic stats without carriage returns, breaks, etc.

This is going to be a pain. We might want to look into some sort of existing interface for this.

Metadata Update from @jsteffan:
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- Issue set to the milestone: Pre-Version 0.4 Twisted Networking Rewrite

7 years ago

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