#34 Do not prompt for image selection if only one image is defined
Closed: Fixed None Opened 16 years ago by jsteffan.

As in the Fedora 9 beta release, there is only one image defined per .jigdo in order to allow the Fedora Community to use the existing GUI. We should not prompt the user for input if there is only one image available:

$ pyjigdo http://mirror.cc.vt.edu/pub/fedora/linux/releases/test/9-Beta/Fedora/i386/jigdo/Fedora-9-Beta-i386-DVD.jigdo -s /var/www/repo/fedora/releases/8/Everything/i386/ -s /var/www/repo/fedora/updates/8/i386/
Fedora-9-Beta-i386-DVD.ji 100% |=========================| 161 kB 00:00
Please select one or more of the available Images:
#1: Fedora-9-Beta-i386-DVD.iso
What image(s) would you like to download? [1-1] 1
Currently going to download image(s): 1
Would you like to select another image for download? [y/N]

Metadata Update from @jsteffan:
- Issue set to the milestone: Version 0.3

7 years ago

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