#32 Make a failure to put an image together fully interactive
Opened 15 years ago by jsteffan. Modified 6 years ago

We need to have a way to be completely interactive with the user when an image fails to completely build. Some ideas are:

  • Allow the user to feed an url for the file(s)
  • Allow the user to instantly re-run everything and try again (and -y would do this automatically) Note: pyjigdo currently auto-retires one time and then gives up. The machinery to try again is there and we just need to trigger it again at the users digressions.
  • Allow the user to run a scan against any location/iso image (again, these gears are present they just need the UI done.
  • Allow the user to request more information on what is failing, aka what files are missing what is failing in the queue and the commands we are trying to utilize to accomplish the actions (at least while we still utilize jigdo-file)

This is still valid. FIXMEs in the code, but will be very dependent on what CLI UI/etc we go with.

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6 years ago

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