#23 Implement fast resuming.
Closed: Fixed None Opened 16 years ago by jsteffan.

This is a feature request to implement the ability to resume a download with very little prep-time (reading what is already downloaded.) This should already be working as we query the template for what pieces it needs.

There is only one FIXME for this and I'm not sure what to do about it. The only failure point in this logic is if there is a name-of.iso.tmp file existing, but is not valid. There needs to be some logic that does it's best to guess if the tmp iso is valid and if not it removes or renames it and continues (with some user interaction.)

It seems that the iso.tmp is supposed to be a zeroed (or otherwise) file to represent the needed space for the target image. We could maybe check if the len of the file is what is expected, if not; remove it.

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7 years ago

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