A Python binding for the gpgme library, used to drive the gpg command
line program.

More information about gpgme can be found here:

This binding stays fairly close to the C API with the following

 * Memory management is not exposed to the user

 * Functions like gpgme_get_foo()/gpgme_set_foo() are converted to
   attribute access on gpgme.Context objects.

 * Functions that take gpgme_data_t arguments take arbitrary Python
   file-like objects.  The read(), write(), seek() and tell() methods
   may be used on the object.

 * Non-zero gpgme_error_t return values are converted to gpgme.error

 * Only the synchronous versions of functions have been wrapped.
   However, the Python global interpreter lock is dropped, so should
   play nicely in multi-threaded Python programs.

 * Function pairs like gpgme_op_import()/gpgme_op_import_result() are
   combined into single method calls.

 * The Python version of gpgme_op_keylist() returns an iterator over
   the matched keys, rather than requiring the user to use a special
   iteration function.

This library is licensed under the LGPL, the same license as the gpgme