This is the README for PuTTY, a free Windows and Unix Telnet and SSH

PuTTY is built using CMake <>. To compile in the
simplest way (on any of Linux, Windows or Mac), run these commands in
the source directory:

  cmake .
  cmake --build .

Documentation (in various formats including Windows Help and Unix
`man' pages) is built from the Halibut (`.but') files in the `doc'
subdirectory using `doc/Makefile'. If you aren't using one of our
source snapshots, you'll need to do this yourself. Halibut can be
found at <>.

The PuTTY home web site is

If you want to send bug reports or feature requests, please read the
Feedback section of the web site before doing so. Sending one-line
reports saying `it doesn't work' will waste your time as much as

See the file LICENCE for the licence conditions.