#320 images.json: Move src images under binary arches.
Merged 3 years ago by ausil. Opened 3 years ago by dmach.

file modified
+5 -1

@@ -271,7 +271,11 @@ 

              img.volume_id = iso.get_volume_id(cmd["iso_path"])

          except RuntimeError:


-         compose.im.add(variant.uid, arch, img)

+         if arch == "src":

+             for variant_arch in variant.arches:

+                 compose.im.add(variant.uid, variant_arch, img)

+         else:

+             compose.im.add(variant.uid, arch, img)

          # TODO: supported_iso_bit

          # add: boot.iso


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The data is not changed in any way, but instead of listing the source image under <variant>.src, it is listed for each binary arch.

This makes Pungi work with productmd-1.2 and avoids issues with PDC import (source isos were ignored).

I think this is good to be merged. There will be no effect on Fedora, as there are no source isos (all of them are skipped).

the patch has to be signed off to be able to be merged


3 years ago

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