#908 squashfs.img is missing
Opened 3 years ago by mohanboddu. Modified 2 years ago

Interesting. Pungi does not have any code that would explicitly generate this, and based on the location it looks like it might have been produced by lorax (or livemedia-creator). I'm not sure if something could have changed there so that the file is no longer generated?

If you can figure out with services owners, that would be really helpful. I have absolutely no idea how these builds are done and I filed an issue here based on advice in fedora-doc project issue.

I guess one other question for this would be: "What is the squashfs.img used for?" If no one noticed it until now then do we really need to create it any longer?

@dustymabe , see the doc link in my original post. It is for simple PXE boot. I had to download an ISO and figure out how to extract it such that my boot over lan started to work. Not user friendly and not bandwidth friendly. Also docs are broken.

I assume docs can be updated to include instructions about downloading ISO end how to extract. But IMO it makes more sense to have the squashfs readily available.

Actually current Pungi was first used for Fedora 24. I believe there is currently no functionality to generate the image.

It would be interesting to find out why it's missing in F23 which was still done the old way.

I'll note the current docs don't use this image...


Is there some reason you can't use a repo ? Or you are trying to do offline/offnetwork?

I see that in new documentation the entry for a rescue system is gone. The squashfs image is needed for the rescue entry in previous documentation [1].

I think it is worth it to have the squashfs image readily available and put back the Rescue entry in documentation. Is it very hard to make it available?

[1] https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fedora/f27/install-guide/advanced/Network_based_Installations/index.html

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