#344 drpms aren't working in rawhide
Closed: Fixed 3 years ago Opened 4 years ago by kevin.

pungi-fedora has:

createrepo_deltas = True

but yet:


is empty. Something is not honoring the config and making drpms.
We may want to consider if we care about them for rawhide, but the pungi config option should work if it exists.

This is interesting: looking at logs from last Rawhide compose, the --drpms and --oldpackagedirs options for createrepo are used. However, there still are no deltas.

(Yeah, the log is for debuginfo packages, but for binary rpms it does the same thing. I have PR #345 to stop overwriting the logs.)

Arguably, the whole code should be modified, as making deltas against last successful compose is probably not that great.

This is still an issue. The logging has been improved a bit. The Everything repo is created with createrepo_c, the output is available in logs (beware, really big file).

The command that was run was:

createrepo_c /mnt/koji/compose/rawhide/Fedora-Rawhide-20160831.n.0/compose/Everything/x86_64/os \
--verbose --outputdir=/mnt/koji/compose/rawhide/Fedora-Rawhide-20160831.n.0/compose/Everything/x86_64/os \
--pkglist=/mnt/koji/compose/rawhide/Fedora-Rawhide-20160831.n.0/work/x86_64/repo_package_list/Everything.x86_64.rpm.conf \
--groupfile=/mnt/koji/compose/rawhide/Fedora-Rawhide-20160831.n.0/work/x86_64/comps/comps-Everything.x86_64.xml \
--update --update-md-path=/mnt/koji/compose/rawhide/Fedora-Rawhide-20160831.n.0/work/x86_64/repo \
--skip-stat --database --checksum=sha256 --unique-md-filenames --deltas \
--oldpackagedirs=/mnt/koji/compose/rawhide/Fedora-Rawhide-20160830.n.0/compose/Everything/x86_64/os \

It has the --deltas argument and points to packages in previous successful rawhide compose. I don't know why no deltas are generated. Maybe the path to old packages is wrong?

I'm pretty sure the problem is how Pungi calls createrepo_c: the path in --oldpackagedirs should point to the directory that contains the actual .rpm files, so it should use that argument multiple times for each of …/os/Packages/a/, …/os/Packages/b/b etc. When run like that, I get messages in the output about delta rpms (which were not present before).

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