#258 Tracking ostree things with productmd?
Opened 4 years ago by ralph. Modified 4 years ago

@lsedlar has been working on getting koji to product atomic installer images, and those will (should) be automatically tracked in the metadata since they're just another image.

In the process of creating those images, koji will also be updating the ostree repos -- should we track those changes, and how?

  • Unlike images and the compose, the ostree repo is not immutable. It is more like a yum/dnf repo that changes over time. That doesn't make it a very good candidate for havings its contents tracked in productmd.
  • We do keep links to yum/dnf repos in composeinfo.json. Perhaps we could/should include a link to any ostree repos as well? (probably yes).
  • Unlike yum/dnf repos, ostree repos have a nice revision history (like git). And those are atomic. Should we consider tracking the contents of those revisions in productmd, just to be thorough?

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