#1495 xfs images should not be frozen snapshots, but properly unmounted and fully quiesced
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(If the images in question are not produced by pungi, I apologize in advance.)

Trying to mount e.g. https://download.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/releases/32/Server/aarch64/images/Fedora-Server-32-1.6.aarch64.raw.xz in read-only mode results in a failure and warning from the kernel. 'mount -o ro,norecovery' needs to be used.

I originally reported this against the kernel, but this is expected behaviour:

Anyway, this isn't really a bug per se, xfs requires "mount -o ro,norecovery" on a read-only device with a dirty journal (which is somewhat surprisingly the case with a frozen image)

The image should be properly unmounted and fully quiesced instead.

The image is produced by image-factory inside Koji. Pungi triggers the build, but doesn't really have much say in how the image is built.

Here's the build for the particular image:
And the task:

The image was configured by fedora-disk-server.ks file from https://pagure.io/fedora-kickstarts repo.

I'm not sure what exactly you would like to see changed. If it's configurable in the kickstart, you can submit a pull request. If it requires tooling changes, the code is in https://github.com/redhat-imaging/imagefactory/

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