#888 Specify the squashfs-only in the lorax_options
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file modified
+4 -2
@@ -105,11 +105,13 @@ 

  lorax_options = [

    ('^.*$', {

       'x86_64': {

-          'nomacboot': False

+          'nomacboot': False,

+          'squashfs_only': True


       '*': {

           'noupgrade': True,

-          'rootfs_size': 3

+          'rootfs_size': 3,

+          'squashfs_only': True




This will reduce both the BOOT.iso and the DVD medium size
This modification relates to the following change proposal:

This change does not change the compression options. It only removes
the intermediate layer of EXT4 filesystem, that is present on the install.img
on DVD.

The new option should work for Pungi version 4.24 and above.
The image is bootable with Anaconda version 34.5-1 and above.
The new Anaconda is already present in Fedora RawHide.

Jira: RHELCMP-693
Signed-off-by: Bohdan Khomutskyi bkhomuts@redhat.com

rebased onto 4c5ce9f

2 years ago

The original change request got rejected but this is only a partial change to the original request and probably will get accepted, I am merging it for now to test it out and will revert it and wait until the partial change is approved.

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2 years ago