#257 ws/ostree: Use atomic product img
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ws/ostree: Use atomic product img
Colin Walters • 3 years ago  
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@@ -812,7 +812,7 @@ 

          "x86_64": {

              "repo": "Everything",

              "release": None,

-             "installpkgs": ["fedora-productimg-workstation"],

+             "installpkgs": ["fedora-productimg-atomic"],

              "rootfs_size": "8",

              "add_template": ["workstation-ostree-installer/lorax-configure-repo.tmpl",


The primary reason to do this is that the blivet defaults break with ostree,
since /home needs to be /var/home with ostree.

But bigger picture than that, having a split /home makes less sense using
rpm-ostree, because the primary original rationale for introducing that split
was to make upgrades easier by reinstalling but preserving /home. With
rpm-ostree upgrades should be much more reliable and easier.

We also to use XFS (as opposed to the blivet ext4 default) for the same reason as Atomic/Server -
it works better with overlay2 because it avoids inode limits.

And not using all of the disk makes it easier to do more advanced
partitioning post installation. For example, in the past I've used dm-crypt
for the OS and /home, but not for /srv where I put non-private data like my
git repositories. (Although I recently switched back to dm-crypt for everything
for simplicity).

Another good example of this is that container-storage-setup supports
allocating a separate LV for /var/lib/docker, so container storage is isolated
from the host.

Anaconda is making it easier to do arbitrary partitioning in the installer via
blivet-gui, but I think doing it post-install is more flexible. One can
use scripts as well (e.g. Ansible).

The flip side of course is that users are going to wonder why they only have
14G of space...we should likely teach the installer to have a simple "use all
of my disk" button, and also have one post-install (something like Nautilus
launching Disks with awareness of LVM)?


3 years ago

The discussion on the desktop list stalled out; there weren't any objections but no ringing endorsements either.

Given that, and since this should fix a critical usability issue (/home), my preference is to merge as is.

the productimg* packages don't exist anymore so this should likely be closed

All of the issues here still apply, but we could refile it somewhere else for sure.

All of the issues here still apply, but we could refile it somewhere else for sure.

can you sum up the issues? Is it that we are tied to defaults that aren't ones we set? I know some things changed recently in Anaconda (I think we just inherit installclass from Server), does any of that help?

can you sum up the issues?

Every single paragraph in the original commit message still applies, right? (Primarily XFS instead of ext4, but also split home, wanting not to allocate all of the space so one can do post-install partitioning, etc.)

(I think we just inherit installclass from Server),

That's for Atomic Host, not Atomic Workstation, which currently inherits from Workstation.

ahh, i didn't realize this was for workstation. I think what you are asking for is for a fedora_atomic_workstation.py in https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/tree/master/pyanaconda/installclasses ? Is that right?

Is there anything about the Atomic Host installclass that needs improvement?

So, this pr: has conflicts, the bug in the first comment is fixed now, there's no longer any atomic moving forward, anaconda doesn't have install classes anymore, etc, etc.

I am going to close this, please open a new PR with any work that still needs doing here.

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