#1243 Prepare for F40 Beta RC 1.1
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jnsamyak/pungi-fedora f40-RC-01  into  f40

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@@ -12,9 +12,9 @@ 



  DATE=$(date "+%Y%m%d")

- COMPSFILE="comps-f39.xml"

+ COMPSFILE="comps-f40.xml"

  TMPDIR=$(mktemp -d /tmp/fedoraRC."${DATE}".XXXX)

- RELEASE="f39"

+ RELEASE="f40"


  RSYNCPREFIX="sudo -u ftpsync"


pkgset_koji_tag = 'f40'
pkgset_koji_inherit = False

These are wrong. Should be f40-compose and True.

The reason for this is that if QE requests that we make the rc with some packages that are not yet in a sable compose, we can tag them into f40-compose and the rc compose will get them from there. ;)

These two are wrong, they should have the label in them:

media_checksum_base_filename = '%(release_short)s-%(variant)s-%(dirname)s-%(version)s_%(label)s-%(arch)s'
image_name_format = '%(release_short)s-%(variant)s-%(disc_type)s-%(arch)s-%(version)s_%(label)s.iso'

This is so the images we make and checksums have 'Beta-1.1' or whatever in them.


This should be 1.1
We start at 1.1 and if we do another we move it to 1.2, etc.

The reason it's not 1, 2, 3, is due to the way pungi was made.

The ostree_installer sections have 'template_branch': 'main' but that should be f40 I think

Thats all I can find. ;)

We've still got to get the kiwi and osbuild-arm changes into pungi-fedora...

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  • Since we have the changes in place migrating aarch64 minimal image to osbuild
4 months ago

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Merging this as well, thanks for reviewing it folks. We established that once we have kiwi things fixed we can add them back later.

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