#1179 Add fedora-container-toolbox to fedora-container configuration
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@@ -185,6 +185,28 @@ 

                  'docker_env': '[ "DISTTAG=f39container", "FGC=f39", "container=oci" ]',

                  'docker_label': '{ "name": "fedora", "license": "MIT", "vendor": "Fedora Project", "version": "39"}',


+         },

+         {

+             'image-build': {

+                     'format': [('docker', 'tar.xz')],

+                     'name': 'Fedora-Container-Toolbox',

+                     'kickstart': 'fedora-container-toolbox.ks',

+                     'distro': 'Fedora-22',

+                     'disk_size': 5,

+                     'arches': ['aarch64', 'ppc64le', 's390x', 'x86_64'],

+                     'install_tree_from': 'https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/39/latest-Fedora-39/compose/Everything/$arch/os/',

+                     'repo': [

+                         'https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/updates/f39-updates/compose/Everything/$arch/os/'

+                         'https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/39/latest-Fedora-39/compose/Everything/$arch/os/'

+                     ],

+                     'subvariant': 'Container_Toolbox',

+                     },

+             'factory-parameters': {

+                 'dockerversion': "1.10.1",

+                 'docker_cmd':  '[ "/bin/bash" ]',

+                 'docker_env': '[ "DISTTAG=f39container", "FGC=f39", "container=oci" ]',

+                 'docker_label': '{ "name": "fedora", "license": "MIT", "vendor": "Fedora Project", "version": "39"}',

+             },




@rishi should this use 'toolbox' or should it be 'toolbx' ?

The Toolbx images for Fedora are expected to be published as registry.fedoraproject.org/fedora-toolbox:39 and so on.

Some background:

Even though we renamed the project to Toolbx or containertoolbx, because Toolbox was too generic, we didn't get to renaming the images and the binary for compatibility reasons.

Existing toolbox(1) binaries have the location of the images baked into them. So, if we rename them on the registry, we would still need to keep publishing images at the old location for older toolbox(1) binaries out there in the wild. We avoided doing this because there was too much going on around images - getting new distributions (Arch Linux, RHEL, Ubuntu) onboarded, figuring out the future of the Fedora images, various third-party images with some layered on top of the Fedora images, etc..

I think it will be better to minimize the churn. Let's first sort out how to get the Toolbx images for Fedora added to the compose. Once the dust settles, we can rename the images to fedora-toolbx at some point in future.

As for the toolbox(1) binary, it's baked into existing Toolbx containers, which bind mount it from the host. So, trivially renaming it will break existing containers.

Thanks for the detailed note... ;) I just wanted to make sure we didn't push something only to have to change it right away.

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