#759 Use of `dracut*` in `additional_packages` pulls in some unneccessary stuff
Opened 3 years ago by adamwill. Modified 3 years ago

See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1734179 . That's a Fedora 31 blocker because an uninstallable package gets pulled into the Server DVD...but the package probably doesn't really need to be on the DVD at all. It's being included because in fedora.conf we list dracut* in additional_packages, which pulls in not just all the subpackages of the dracut .src.rpm itself but various other packages whose name starts with dracut, some of which we probably don't really want to pull in at all.

I think the commit that changed this is actually wrong. The .* was meant to include all arches of the package...

@lsedlar Should we just revert that? Or it will still never match?

also, dracut only has x86_64 and noarch, I don't think it's multilib?

In my opinion the whole commit should be reverted. If the package does not have any other arches than x86_64, that's not a problem.

That commit changes a lot of the patterns (basically changes . to - on a bunch of things).

So perhaps for f31 we just change the dracut one back and after beta we look at reverting the rest?

We tested the change in rawhide to fix this, but it seems the dracut-modules-olpc was retired/blocked on 2019-09-08, so I think this problem is fixed by that.

I mean, it fixes the 'non-installable package' bug probably, but still we're pulling in more dracut packages than we probably strictly need.

OK, so yeah, mediakit tests are passing, so that means the 'broken stuff' part of this is fixed. But I'm not sure the 'unnecessary stuff' part is fixed. For instance, I think dracut* will be pulling in all the dracut-kiwi packages, which I don't think are necessary...

Sure, but I think we can fix that after beta right? Or would you prefer we pull in the PR now?

After Beta is probably better.

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