#738 Replace build_composeinfo with compose-create-legacy-composeinfo
Opened 4 years ago by martstyk. Modified 4 years ago

I suggest replacing build_composeinfo with compose-create-legacy-composeinfo (compose-utils package).
build_composeinfo is not providing enough information to distinguish between 2 composes.
For example Beta & GOLD.

F29 Beta

This can lead to consider GOLD & Beta as same compose which is obviously wrong.
On other hands .composeinfo generated by compose-create-legacy-composeinfo looks like this:
F29 Beta

In the past Fedora releases were not automatically imported to Beaker correctly w/ the released name (Fedora-29). Instead it was imported as Fedora-29-20181024.1 . We should require the compose-create-legacy-composeinfo to use name = Fedora-29 VS name = Fedora-29-20181024.1

@kevin Before I make this change, do you know if the current composeinfo file is used anywhere else other than beaker?

I am not sure. It might be used in pulp?

This problem came up again yesterday with the import of Fedora 31 into Beaker. Kickstarts were failing because it was using the Beta kernel and initrd with the GA install.img, and the mismatch of kernel version and modules led to filesystem problems (the kernel could not load the xfs.ko module). This happens with every Fedora release and it requires manual effort to fix. Please fix the compose metadata so Beta and GA are distinguishable to Beaker (and other tools).

I will tell you a secret. This happened again during Fedora 32 :)

We second. compose-create-legacy-composeinfo will make import of newest fedoras to our infra much more smooth. TY!

@jiri Vanek How will compose-create-legacy-composeinfo help? I don't
doubt you I just want to understand how. I did the clean up of Fed32
and it was no fun.

On Thu, May 21, 2020 at 5:34 AM jiri vanek pagure@pagure.io wrote:

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We second. compose-create-legacy-composeinfo will make import of newest fedoras to our infra much more smooth. TY!

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