polkit-pkla-compat is a polkit JavaScript rule and associated helpers
that mostly provide compatibility with the .pkla file format supported in
polkit <= 0.105 for users of later polkit releases.

New releases will be available at .

See INSTALL for generic installation instructions.

Make sure that the directories that contain the configuration, as printed by
(./configure) are only writable by root, and readable by the polkit daemon.
Unprivileged users usually don't need to view the configuration.  (make install)
will do this for you if the polkitd group exists; it is therefore recommended
to install polkit before this package (or let your distribution handle the
packaging and file permissions.)

Compatibility with polkit-0.105
Compared to polkit-0.105, there are two behavior changes:
- ReturnValue configuration is no longer supported: the JavaScript mechanism
  can not express such rules.
- "Identity=default" is now available, and evaluated with lower priority
  than any "unix-group" identity.

Mailing list

Please consider reporting the bug to your distribution's bug tracking system.

Otherwise, report bugs at .  Pull
requests are especially welcome.