Fedora PackageDB-cli

Author:Pierre-Yves Chibon
Date:Wed Jan 18 2017

The PackageDB-cli is a commande line interface to the PackageDB of Fedora.


This project is no longer active. Fedora has stopped running a pkgdb instance for a while now and thus the need for a CLI has dropped.


The PackageDB-cli was started in May of 2011 to allow user to consult the package collection and to manage their Access Control List (ACL) using a simple interface web free interface.

As of 2014, this project has been ported to pkgdb2. At this occasion, it is has been re-written to propose a python module to query pkgdb2 API as well as the pkgdb2client.cli module containing the command line interface and the pkgdb2client.admin module containing a command line interface for admins to interact with pkgdb2.

The tarball of the releases can be found at: https://fedorahosted.org/released/packagedb-cli/


Install Prerequisites

yum install python-fedora

Get and Run the Source

  • Install python-virtualenvwrapper
dnf install python-virtualenvwrapper fedora-cert
  • Create the virtual environment
mkvirtualenv pkgdb-cli --system-site-packages
  • Activate the virtual environment
workon pkgdb-cli
  • Get the project
git clone http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/packagedb-cli.git
cd packagedb-cli
  • Set up the project
python setup.py develop
  • Run pkgdb-cli or pkgdb-admin
python pkgdb2client/cli.py
python pkgdb2client/admin.py