#4314 Add note to doc/usage/first_steps.rst to always push using SSH URLs to Pagure
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            to your user account just add your new ssh key in your authentication

            settings (one key per row), this way you will be able to push commits

            to your repository from a different computer.




+ .. note:: You can't push to an HTTP(S) URI with Pagure and have to use SSH URLs instead 

+           `like this <git remote set-url origin ssh://git@pagure.io/forks/<user_name>/fedora-commops/fedora-happiness-packets.git>`_


  Configure the default email address



Add note to push SSH URLs to Pagure in doc/usage/first_steps.rst

I think this is not true and depends on the Pagure instance...? I think @pingou implemented support for HTTPS pushing a while ago, it's just not enabled on pagure.io.

I was getting an error fatal: unable to access 'https://pagure.io/forks/anasustic/fedora-commops/fedora-happiness-packets.git/' : The requested URL returned error: 403 when I pushed to my fork even though I created my SSH key following https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/first_steps.html and also added the SSH public key to my pagure.io account.
Only after I git remote set-url origin ssh://git@pagure.io/forks/<user_name>/fedora-commops/fedora-happiness-packets.git was I able to push to my fork.

It does depend on the pagure instance, pagure.io doesn't support it, src.fedoraproject.org does.

It's not directly implemented in pagure though, it relies on configuration outside of it

@pingou @ngompa To add context, several GSoC / Outreachy applicants weren't aware of this step, so we thought improving the Pagure docs to make this point explicit for beginners was useful.

@jflory7 it is a good piece of information, however it would not fit in the generic pagure doc which is meant to be agnostic to the instances deployed.

@pingou Do you mean in terms of the specific repo given as an example?

@jflory7 more in terms of "while pagure.io doesn't support it, not all pagure instance don't, some will let you push via https" :)

Going to close this PR.
Thank you for your input and taking the time to submit it, I am sorry we cannot get it in :-(

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No worries :smile: Thanks for considering it.