#4143 Change "created by" to "maintained by" in repo info
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@@ -72,13 +72,13 @@ 


              {% endif %}

              {% if not repo.is_fork %}

-             <span class="text-muted">

-             Created by

+             <div class="text-muted">Created {{repo.date_created|humanize}}</div>

+             <div class="text-muted">

+             Maintained by

              <a href="{{ url_for('ui_ns.view_user', username=repo.user.user)}}">

                  {{- repo.user.user -}}


-             {{repo.date_created|humanize}}

-           </span>

+             </div>

              {% endif %}

            <div class="projectinfo my-3">

                {% if repo.description %}{{ repo.description | noJS | safe }}{% else %}-{% endif -%}
@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ 


                                      {{ repo.user.fullname }}


-                                   <div class="mr-auto align-self-center">main admin</div>

+                                   <div class="mr-auto align-self-center">maintainer</div>


                                {% for access in repo.contributors %}

                                  {% for user in repo.contributors[access] %}

@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ 


                      {% if acl %}

                          <i class="fa fa-user-secret pl-2 pr-1" title="acl"></i>

-                         <span>{{ acl if acl != 'main admin' else 'owner' }}</span>

+                         <span>{{ acl if acl != 'main admin' else 'maintainer' }}</span>

                      {% endif %}


                      {% if author %}
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ 

                            <div class="col pl-1">

                              <select name="acl" id="acls-selectize" placeholder="ACLs">

                                <option value=""></option>

-                               <option value="main admin" {% if acl == "main admin" %}selected="selected"{% endif %}>Owner</option>

+                               <option value="main admin" {% if acl == "main admin" %}selected="selected"{% endif %}>Maintainer</option>

                                <option value="admin" {% if acl == "admin" %}selected="selected"{% endif %}>Admin</option>

                                <option value="commit" {% if acl == "commit" %}selected="selected"{% endif %}>Commit</option>

                                <option value="ticket" {% if acl == "ticket" %}selected="selected"{% endif %}>Ticket</option>
@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@ 

                      {% endif %}

                      {% if r["access"] %}

                      <span class="btn btn-outline-secondary border-0 opacity-100 font-size-09 disabled font-weight-bold">

-                       <span class="fa fa-user-secret fa-fw"></span>{{r["access"] if r["access"] != "main admin" else "owner"}}

+                       <span class="fa fa-user-secret fa-fw"></span>{{r["access"] if r["access"] != "main admin" else "maintainer"}}


                      {% endif %}

                    {# <div class="btn-group mr-2">

This changes the string in the repo info page that
displays the main admin of a repo from 'created by' to
'owned by'. This change is due to the fact that ownership
of a repo can be changed, and the current main admin my not
be the user that actually created the project.

Fixes #4055

We should use Administered by instead, as that's consistent with the terminology we use for "repo owners" (they're called "main admin").

i'm leaning to changing most of these to owner, since there are also admins who "administer" repos,

we also use the owner terminoligy on the user dashboard. I dont think we actually expose the term 'main admin' to the user anymore...

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2 years ago

My issue is with re-introducing the terminology owernship on dist-git, on pagure.io I'm less concerned :(

I'd rather fix usage of "owner" to change it to "main administrator". Or we can go with "maintainer" instead? I don't want to introduce "owner" terminology, because of the connotations with dist-git and all the mess that causes.

the problem with "main administrator" is the fact there is no easy way to create a line like: "owned by dude mcpants". It is also unweildy and long, which makes things difficult. And also doenst really add much more there.

Personally i am not aware of the issues with using the term owner on src.fp.org. Maybe we should change these terms to some macros for the theme, so the theme can decide however they want to use them.

The other thought here too, what does being a main admin actaully give you over admin? do we even need to list the main admin / owner / whatever you are going to call it on the front page?

pkgdb2 dropped the ownership terminology for the maintainership one when it was introduced to highlight the idea that packagers do not own a package, they maintain it.

We do need a main admin for two reasons:
- on pagure.io for pride, for the same reasons people like namespacing their project under their name, it helps them show off the work they do
- on dist-git, from the list of maintainers which are all Cc'ed on bugs on bugzilla we need to pick the one that will be the "Assignee" of the bugs

no easy way to create a line like: "owned by dude mcpants". It is also unweildy and long, which makes things difficult.

I think I'd go for : "maintained by dude McPants", a little bit longer than "owned" for sure but... :)

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2 years ago

Okies, updated to maintained by, and added a second line that lists the creation date of the repo as well.

This now also updates the repo_info so the acls dropdown says maintainer, rather than main admin. It also updates the userdash_projects page to say maintainer rather than owner.

I've adjusted the first line of the commit message (and rebased while at it)

pretty please pagure-ci rebuild

2 years ago

Ok, jenkins is unpleased but I really do not think the failure is related to this change, so I'm going to go ahead and merge this one :)

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