#1939 Sorted imports for issue.py
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@@ -8,9 +8,10 @@ 




- import flask

  import datetime


+ import flask


Is this required ?

  from sqlalchemy.exc import SQLAlchemyError


  import pagure

@@ -599,7 +599,7 @@ 

                   target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Markdown Syntax</a>


                  <input type="submit" class="btn btn-primary"

-                   value="Update Issue" tabindex=2 />

+                   value="Update Pull Request" tabindex=2 />

@smitthakkar96 I have already worked on this bug in #1803 but yeah good job :)

                  <input type="button" class="btn btn-secondary pull-md-right"

                    value="Clear" id="clear_comment" tabindex=3 />


no initial comment

@smitthakkar96 I have already worked on this bug in #1803 but yeah good job :)

it's just a good convention and it is followed all over the code base but was just left in issue.py

Oh! My bad :)

Btw, you have three commits to this pr. I am wondering why remove public key is not shown in the files changed tab.

Note that the key that was provided in these commits must be considered as compromised and entirely destroyed (not reused anywhere)

Because your key is now compromised, I have removed it from all Fedora production systems.
Please create a new key pair and upload that to Pagure and FAS.

This PR cannot be merged with the commits adding then removing your ssh keys. Please clean you git history first :)

I'm going to close this PR, please reopen it when your changes are ready to be reviewed :)


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