#972 Allow tags to be set, potentially choosing a template, before entering an issue
Opened 3 years ago by tibbs. Modified 2 years ago

I'm looking at the possibility of moving the packaging committee's issue tracking from trac to pagure, and one thing that concerns us is how a user will choose what kind of issue they're filing. It appears that users just file whatever, and then after the fact someone comes along and assigns tags. It would be really great to force someone to choose a category/tag/whatever before they can enter an issue, even disabling the text box if possible. It would be even greater if their choice of category could also choose a template.

OK, so if I upload multiple templates, the submitter will be given an option to choose one as a "type". But there is no option to force the submitter to choose one, and their choice of "type" isn't propagated into any sort of tag.

So this basically splits into two requests (sorry):

  • Somehow force the user to choose a ticket type (i.e. disable the entry field if no type is chosen, or if the chosen/default template contains a magic string).

  • Automatically tag the issue with the ticket type, either by just directly using the type as the tag name, or using some magic string from the template.

Additionally here it would be nice to be able to set other things from the template (at least as initial values) for example:

  • a template of type 'security' could set the 'private' flag

  • a template of type 'lists' could set assignee and who is subscribed to it, and set a 'lists' tag.

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