#953 misleading commit list for PRS with merges
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There is a PR for koji where the work started out on a separate branch of the user's repo, then was merged into the user's master branch, and then the PR was submitted from the master branch.

The full history of the branch is 22 commits

[mike@localhost koji]$ git log --graph --oneline --decorate master..signed-repos-54
* 6c8576e (jgreguske/master, jay/master, signed-repos-54) errno not error
* ca4af2d fall back to a copy if we cannot hardlink
* 1ab7dda Make the signedRepo tasks happen in the createrepo channe
* a18b1f1 fix newRepo in webui
* e935d2f Merge remote branch 'github/signed'
* 124777f (jay/signed) add signed flag to repo table
* 692b660 lay out rpms by first character
* 15fb63f encapsulate repodata references
* aa86aad implement multilib
* c33f7cd move package addition logic to builder from hub
* a77940d implement comps
* e1f0207 Revert "implement --compscli/koji"
* f8e1d34 implement --compscli/koji
* 005d790 implement --delta-rpms
* b495c81 fix createrepo task breakage in webui
* fff9587 kojira policy for signed repos
* a53c88d implement --event
* e89ee96 implement --allow-unsigned and --skip-unsigned
* 05f8c12 signed-repo kojiweb tweaks
* ae0d232 initial builder implementation for signed-repos
* 05c6d29 initial hub implementation for signed-repos
* 2926f71 implement CLI for signed-repos

However the PR page in pagure only shows the last five commits (starting with the merge).

I think we're also seeing this here: https://pagure.io/fedora-docs/quick-docs/pull-request/305

$ git log --oneline --graph --decorate  master..pr171
* f3328d4 (HEAD -> pr171, origin/pr171, tempmaster) Merge branch 'master' into pr171
* 5c67676 Re-add anaconda pages to nav
* 442bc17 Improve autoupdates pages
* 2d40c00 Merge branch 'master' into pr171
* 9ec7b74 Remove unnecessary section headings
* b119bca Move leftover sentences to individual lines
* 83e5f86 Remove sections addressing Fedora 21 and earlier releases
* 93cb209 Move 'why' section before 'how'
* c5836d2 Move each sentence to its own line and use standard format for headings
* 2ef93bb Move autoupdates higher in nav and improve its text
* 4ea7313 autoupdate

But the PR shows only 2 commits, and the files and changes shown in the diff also seem to be wrong:


I'm seeing something similar in https://git.centos.org/rpms/openssh/pull-request/3 where Pagure is only showing the merge commit itself and not the full stack.

Metadata Update from @wombelix:
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