#840 [RFE] Link to PR in commit
Opened 4 years ago by trishnag. Modified 3 years ago

When viewing a commit from Commits list, it would be nice to have a link to the merged PR for that particular commit in the commit.

Interesting idea, might be cool to do, but we would have to solve two situations I can think of right now:

  • what if the commit wasn't done via a PR?
  • what if there was a PR but the commit was merged manually outside pagure?


  • For the first case we can leave that commit without linking to PR. So it is like pagure can have link to the merged PR in the commit only if the commit is done via PR. If the commit isn't done via PR we can leave that commit as it is right now.

  • I am not sure what is the best solution for the second case.

Okay that is a really good feature to have , but what could be the use case for this feature, just being curious what would a nice use for it.

I think by having this feature(Linking merged PR) we will be able to follow the ticket closed for the particular commit and all the conversations/comments for that commit.

Please, add an indicator so as to which tag was the first one to contain particular commit (if any). Or should I file a separate issue?

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