#585 Issue template
Closed: Fixed None Opened 3 years ago by pingou.

As per https://github.com/dear-github/dear-github it seems that this a missing feature for GitHub, so we might just as well add it :)

How do you think they best way to implement this would be?

  • have an entry in the DB for the new issue default text, that a project owner can edit?

the other option, which i am not a fan of because it puts more stuff in the git repo, is

  • have a NEWISSUE.rst in the git root with this text.

I'm thinking to have a templates folder in the ticket git and put in there the different RST files, then the UI could check the name of the files in there and offer them as templates.

So you would have:

  \_ default.rst
  \_ RFE.rst
  \_ Security.rst

Having it in the git of the tickets has a few benefits:

  • Make this git repo a little more advertised and useful
  • Keeps the sources clean
  • Gives us some flexibility

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