#538 allow reasons for closure
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Sometimes you need to tweak or do something to a patch externally to pagure. It would be nice to be able to givce a reason why a pull request is closed.

closed:rejected and closed:merged_outside_pagure for example

I'm not sure to fully understand you, why can't a comment be used for this?

Hey Dennis,

Would comment be good enough or do you have something in mind that the close status would allow?

I've seen other requests for some sort of resolution status.

In the FPC trac we separate accepted and rejected tickets, for example, though this isn't a huge deal. And today if we really needed this we could just do it with custom metadata.

https://fedorahosted.org/council/ticket/74#comment:6 is another example where custom resolutions were listed as "nice to have".

I think the idea is to be able to search for tickets by resolution, which is something you can't easily do with a comment. But today you could do this with custom metadata and while not really as "clean" as the way bugzilla or trac do it, it should still be workable. (Assuming you can search for custom metadata, which I'm assuming wil be possible at some point if it isn't now.)

So while we do not have 'reason' for closure, each project can now set different close status and then close ticket by using: status='Closed', close_status='Upstream'.

The list of close_status can be edited in the settings page of the project and then will be available in the metadata block on the right hand side of the issue page.

Does that answer this need?

This has been implemented, so I guess we can close this one :)

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2 years ago

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