#5236 Can pagure be used with dist-git
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hello,Can pagure be used with dist-git? How to configure pagure?Does anyone have the same problem

What do you mean by this? Pagure can be deployed as a Dist-Git system, yes. That's how src.fedoraproject.org and git.centos.org work today.

I am trying to install and use pagure,i installed "pagure pagure-milters pagure-ev pagure-webhook",modify the Folder containing to the git repos

GIT_FOLDER = os.path.join(

i creat test project in pagure,

then i config fedpkg just like

lookaside = http://pagure/repo/pkgs/%(ns1)s/%(name)s/%(filename)s/%(hashtype)s/%(hash)s/%(filename)s
lookaside_cgi = http://pagure/repo/pkgs/upload.cgi
lookasidehash = sha512
gitbaseurl = ssh://git@pagure/srv/git/%(repo)s.git
anongiturl = git://pagure/%(repo)s
branchre = f\d$|f\d\d$|el\d$|olpc\d$|rawhide$

i used command "fedpkg clone test",it`s ok to get the project,but when use command “fedpkg import xxx.src.rpm", it failed,and get error message “Could not execute import_srpm: Fail to upload files. Server returns status 404”

Is it something I misconfigured

i want to deployed pagure as a Dist-Git system, How should i configure pagure

So, Dist-Git configuration requires setup of the pagure-dist-git plugin, and configuration of the lookaside system.

Alas, I'm not actually sure how that is set up. @pingou and @praiskup might know, though?

Hello, I was misled by this explanation

I found the correct configuration method in the pagure-dist-git repository“

import os
import sys

dir_path = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(file))
from pagure_distgit import plugin


the package about pagure in my machine:
[root@bogon rpms]# rpm -qa | grep pagure

i restart the serveice about pagure, then i create a project, but there is no difference betwen zhe new project and the old ,should i add other configurations?Is it correct to use the command "git clone...; git add...; git cpmmit...; git push...",or to use other commands to call this plugin,How can I use this plugin in pagure? Thanks a lot

@pingou and @praiskup

I tried to configure fedpkg, but I can only use the "fedpkg clone" command. When I use the "fedpkg import" command, it prompts "Could not execute import_srpm: Fail to upload files. Server returns status 404" and generates empty ”sources“ document

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