#5191 Can't log out, still logged in
Closed: Won't Fix 2 years ago by kparal. Opened 2 years ago by kparal.

I can't log out. I tested pagure.io and stg.pagure.io. I also tested a private window. Once I'm logged in, a Log out refreshes the page, but I'm still logged in. I can't change accounts.

Firefox 89.0.2

I also deleted all cookies and data for *pagure.io. That logs me out, but when I click Login, I'm immediately logged in with the previous account. I still can't log in under a different account.

That's an Ipsilon thing, not a Pagure thing. Clear all of *.fedoraproject.org cookies too.

Thanks, @ngompa . But it only works once, then the problem repeats. I filed an Ipsilon bug report here:

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2 years ago

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