#5186 Tests are run against pagure global repo and not local branch/copy
Closed: Fixed 2 months ago by wombelix. Opened 3 years ago by abitrolly.

./dev/run-tests-container.py always runs against main https://pagure.io/pagure.git repo. So no forks or local modifications are tested with its run as recommended in README.md.

It does if you specify the --repo and --branch argument. This is documented in the --help but not in the README indeed.

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2 years ago

I would say the deafult behavior should test local modifications.

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a year ago

In addition to the fact that the doc could be improved, even with --repo and --branch specified, I have to push the code first to a public repo. If I already have a PR open that means it I will trigger a CI run with every push, even if I just wanted to test something quickly on my own.
I think it would safe a lot resources and time to have a way to test changes fully locally. The way it's implemented right now, I could achieve it with tox but not when I want to user containers. I'm working on some adjustments right now to keep the existing features and behavior but also make testing of local code modifications possible in an easy way.

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a year ago

This was addressed a while ago with https://pagure.io/pagure/pull-request/5384, closing this issues as fixed.

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2 months ago

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a month ago

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