#4997 SSH integration should be completely optional
Opened 6 months ago by ngompa. Modified 6 months ago

It's been possible to do push via HTTPS using credentials or pagure token for a while now. In certain deployment scenarios (mainly in containerized ones), it is usually not possible (or at least not very easy) to offer SSH configured so that read/write access of Git repositories over SSH works.

It would be great if we could make sure that we don't need SSH or create a user expectation that SSH is required to commit into repositories.

Currently, the UI indicates that SSH is the (only) way to go in the following places:

  • Clone repo drop-down
  • New project message shown in the overview to the project creator

We also require SSH for the following features:

  • Deploy keys
  • Push mirroring

Those features should be able to work without SSH.

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