#4889 RFE: Get and set webhooks for projects via API
Opened 11 months ago by ngompa. Modified 10 months ago

For @mathstuf's Ghostflow system, one of the needs from Pagure's API was a way to get and set webhooks for projects for automated setup.

This was brought up in https://pagure.io/ironthree/pagure-rs/issue/2

As I said over there, this is unlikely necessary in Pagure instances (unless one wants ghostflow to automatically apply to all projects on the instance). Though I think it is likely better to listen to the AMQP firehose than webhooks for Pagure instances anyways, so it may be even less useful than even that.

Note that Pagure instances don't have to have a message bus configured, though it's a good idea for a whole host of reasons.

But webhooks are the only way to interact with private repositories, as messages will not be emitted for them.

Ah, I didn't know that. I'll make a note of that.

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