#4852 RFE: Support *copying* projects in addition to *forking*
Opened 2 years ago by decathorpe. Modified 2 years ago

After some discussion on the IRC channel, we came up with the idea of supporting to copy a project instead of forking it (so it doesn't end up in the fork/ namespace). I imagined this as a "Copy" button next to the "Fork" button :)

This would have the following additional advantages:

  • multi-level copies (instead of one-level fork relationship)
  • ability to use template projects
  • optionally, copy issues to new project

Assuming the identity of the "parent copy" is tracked in "child copies", it should also be easy to have a nice UI for PRs from/to copies - like the one that's already in place for creating PRs from forks or branches.

Some instances would probably prefer top-level "copies" over "forks" (like it works on GitHub / GitLab), so it would be nice if support for either things could be turned on / off per instance.

Some users might also prefer to turn off "copying" per project.

I suspect there is a strong use case for this with the Fedora Docs repositories, particularly the default template repo.

cc: @pbokoc @bcotton

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