#4812 RFE: Hyperlink Change-Id to a Gerrit change review
Opened a year ago by ngompa. Modified a year ago

One of the things that the OpenStack folks would like to see is a way to trivially bounce from browsing code in Pagure to the review in Gerrit.

Gerrit forces a Change-Id tag on commit messages that it uses as a reference for grouping commits with a given change review.

A hyperlink to a Change-Id uses the following URL convention: https://<hostname>/#/q/<Change-Id>.

For example, on https://stg.pagure.io/openstack/nova/c/5b5cbc64f9b4b024ec6686ed05e8b9b887d64ca1

The Change-Id there is I46f0a76811142888db2bbc66cc3fde04ff890c01.

The link to the OpenStack Gerrit would then be https://review.opendev.org/#/q/I46f0a76811142888db2bbc66cc3fde04ff890c01

This probably makes sense as either an instance-wide setting and a per-project setting. I can easily see some projects using Gerrit and others not doing so. And I can equally see an instance of Pagure not using PRs at all and relying exclusively on Gerrit (as OpenStack would).

Sounds like a fairly "easy" change to our markdown processor to recognize and link these

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