#4797 Consistency among issue repo clones
Opened a year ago by sudoman. Modified a year ago

Hello, I'd like to suggest an RFE for Pagure.

Would it be useful to allow Pagure to sync changes between multiple issue repos? Issues repos might push and pull from one another in a heirarchical or cyclic graph, with any of those repos being a source of new information.

One type of potential issue is if repo B is a clone of repo A, and both share the same issue 1, but both create different issues 2 before a sync between both repos is attempted. The repo B pulls issue 2 from repo A, and renames issue 2 as 3. Would future changes and syncs between both issue repos require merge conflict resolution? How would consistency remain up to date on both repos?

Displaying different issue numbers for the same issue on different repos could be confusing. If a comment in issue 1 refers to issue 2 on repo A, but issue 2 is issue 3 on repo B, the comment would reference the wrong issue on repo B.

Another possible consistency issue could come up if comments are made on two different issue repos before they are synced after the fact.

It's possible that this is already taken care of, but I thought that I would bring it up!

Thanks! : )

That RFE does not exist at this time and if someone is serious about running a project across two or more pagure instances this is likely something that they will face :(

Metadata Update from @pingou:
- Issue tagged with: RFE

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